Left Behind?

From our military branches we hear of the phrase, “No soldier left behind”, or something similar.  An admirable goal, but why don’t we apply this to our own citizens?  In light of recent attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, why are our congress people trying to cut benefits to our most needy?  Medicaid should be expanded and Medicare should be made available to all ages.  Wouldn’t this be an example of, “No citizen left behind”?  Do we not take care of our own?  Or is that un-American?

Yes, the ACA needs major revision.  Carriers are dropping out, premiums are too high, coverage can be limited, and the application process too onerous.  These flaws, along with what I assume are many others, should be addressed and rectified.  If this requires an increase in funding, taxes should be increased for those of us that can handle the increase.  Again, an example of takintg care of our own.

Health benefits should be a right, not a privilege.  Those that have adequate coverage are less likely to care.  Why is that?  Is this an endemic character of our nation?  If so, we should all be ashamed.  I know I am.

Take the above argument and apply it to public education.  It’s pretty much the same idea.

I think it’s time for real Americans to stand up.


Exhibition Results

These are the three choices I made for my part of the group exhibition mentioned below:




I was fortunate to sell all three to a visiting collector.  He appreciated the unique style and presentation (metal prints on a floating frame).

The Truth

The secret to discovering the “truth” in all things has been revealed to me.  It’s actually quite easy and I’m being very gracious in passing it on to you at minimal cost.  If you follow these simple rules, you too can be the fountain of truth in your world.

  1.  Everything you say is the truth, even if you actually make an error.  Deny the error and simultaneously deflect the issue to another person or issue not related to you.
  2. Don’t accept any statement challenging your truths.  Call these challenges something like “fake”.
  3. If an “interpretation” of your statements of truth conflicts with an earlier statement of your position or way of thinking, claim that you actually meant something else, even though it may not relate to your original statement at all.
  4. Create alternative truths
  5. Threaten to investigate anyone who challenges your truth, which may tie in with #1.

My “truth” guru is a person in a position of great responsibility, so we know not only that everything he says is true, but that his teachings are infallible.  Thank you, Mr. Trump.

ps.  The minimal cost mentioned above is in reality, your soul.



I have an opportunity to exhibit my work in a small venue with limited exposure, but is still important to me. I am leaning toward showing some of my digital art simply to gauge viewers response and interest, but my photography remains my primary focus. In any case, here is another example of my digital art . . .


Trump is my hero

I have learned so much from Mr. Trump since he entered into the political fray.  I am now trying to incorporate some of his teachings into my daily life.  Here are a few:

Women – Put them on a pedestal, as long as you can look up their dress.  They can’t be trusted to govern their own bodies – men should do that.  You can call any woman awful names, no matter how wonderful they are or how qualified they are to be president.  And I can’t wait to start grabbing crotches and sneaking into dressing rooms.

Racism – It’s simply ok; nothing wrong with it.  And it helps to surround yourself with similar thinking people (mostly white men).  It’s also important to seek out other racists for support in whatever subjugating endeavor you choose.  Given that there are so many such people in this country, that would be easy.

The environment – What environment?

Ego/Id – My perspective is the only perspective.  Anyone who challenges me is going to get it right between the eyes.  And when he eliminates all gun control, this may be literal.  Soon, I will be the greatest photographer ever, not because I’ll improve that much but because I’ll convince myself that it’s true.  Every photograph will be beautiful, believe me.

Fake news – Now every time someone criticizes me, it will simply be fake news.  If my spouse says I have no idea how to clean around the house – fake news.  If my friends and neighbors think my comments about women are inappropriate – fake news.  You get the idea.

And I love the fact that Mr. Trump tweets every thought without considering the consequences.  I think he may have invented it, since he puts the “twit” in Twitter.

I have also invented a new game in honor of my hero.  You may have heard of “Whack-A-Mole”.  Well now there’s “Thump-A-Trump”.  Use your imagination.

I’ll be continuing to pick up tips and tricks from Mr. Trump, but you can do this yourself right at home.  Just read the news.

New Mexico

After being here for only about 7 months, I have managed to see and photograph some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. You probably have heard many people speak of the “light” here and thought, well that sounds nice but is it really true? Believe me, it is. Especially in the northern part of the state, but not excluding some beautiful areas to the south. But timing is everything. Waiting just a minute or two can cost you the beautiful golden late day light shining through the pink and orange sunset to illuminate Taos Mountain.

Fall is the best time since the fall colors are spectacular, but winter, given there is snow, is also good. Subjects vary from traditional landscapes, which are extremely varied; architecture, including oft photographed churches and pueblos; and of course the people who are just as varied as the landscape.

Here are a few of my recent photographs of areas near Taos:


Lucero Peak (another from our front porch)


Cliffs at Echo Amphitheater


View of Williams Lake from trail to Wheeler Peak (the highest peak in New Mexico)

Why him?

This is my first, but definitely not my last, question about our newly elected president, Donald Trump.  As a liberal, I tend to vote based on what I believe is right for the country and the world, rather than voting on what might best serve me as an individual.  But the recent outcome of our presidential election suggests that many people went further and allowed their base emotions to control their decision.  I get that many were dissatisfied with the last 8 years under Obama (although I do not agree with the vast majority of complaints) and felt that a complete change was necessary.  But Trump?  I know there are many other Republican politicians who have at least some experience in government leadership, as well as some degree of dignity.  So why him?  What did he manage to tap into in the minds of so many Americans?  With his most consistent campaign rhetoric, he has shown himself to be anti-environment, racist, sexist, sexual assault proponent, isolationist, and uncaring of the working people of this country.  And someone who mocks a disabled person at a huge public gathering does not deserve any respect from anyone.

During his entire adult life, when he wasn’t partying at exclusive nightclubs in NYC, his only goal has been profit regardless of how unethical his methods were.  Clinton, on the other hand, has spent decades in public service and has championed children’s health care, national health care, and international aid work (through the Clinton Foundation).  So who’s heart has been in the right place?

There is a documentary on PBS (Frontline) comparing both candidates that is worth watching – The Choice

Another interesting perspective on our society’s view of candidate behavior is this article in the NY Times – If Hillary Clinton Groped Men?

So again . . . why Trump?  My darker opinion is that he was able to tap into a “beneath the surface” set of fears and beliefs in American white people, especially white men.  Racism, sexism,  assaulting and degrading of women and disabled people, anti-environment, war-mongering, and bullying are only a few of these characteristics.  My more positive opinion is, well, non-existant.

Rational and intelligent people of this country should not stand for this.  We may not be able to do anything substantive for the next four years, but we can prepare to return this country to sanity in 2020.