Left Behind?

From our military branches we hear of the phrase, “No soldier left behind”, or something similar.  An admirable goal, but why don’t we apply this to our own citizens?  In light of recent attempts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, why are our congress people trying to cut benefits to our most needy?  Medicaid should be expanded and Medicare should be made available to all ages.  Wouldn’t this be an example of, “No citizen left behind”?  Do we not take care of our own?  Or is that un-American?

Yes, the ACA needs major revision.  Carriers are dropping out, premiums are too high, coverage can be limited, and the application process too onerous.  These flaws, along with what I assume are many others, should be addressed and rectified.  If this requires an increase in funding, taxes should be increased for those of us that can handle the increase.  Again, an example of takintg care of our own.

Health benefits should be a right, not a privilege.  Those that have adequate coverage are less likely to care.  Why is that?  Is this an endemic character of our nation?  If so, we should all be ashamed.  I know I am.

Take the above argument and apply it to public education.  It’s pretty much the same idea.

I think it’s time for real Americans to stand up.


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